DealBook’s discussion of the upcoming Wini Jiau case left off with the ratio of pending cases to convictions and guilty-pleas in their on-going insider-trading investigation. It’s 80%.

Some 80% of those ensnared in the insider-trading investigation that shook up the street in the fall of 2010 have either plead guilty or been convicted of crimes related to insider trading. Among those pending, Wini Jiau. According to her court-designated lawyer, former federal prosecutor Joanna Hendon, Wini can’t wait to go “home to California and her beloved dog, Hunter.”

For Judge Jed Rakoff, who will preside over the case, however, the process is just getting started: “I am so impressed with the level of lawyering in this case on both sides. “I saw somewhere in press reports that the parties were talking settlement, and I personally hope that is not true because I am really looking forward to this trial.”