chilling effects: research, markets, and insider trading – in which over zealous prosecution of insider trading introduces a chilling effect on research and the markets

at a loss for ideastimothy ferris, the two cultures, and a failure of analysis

des lachman, nailed itthe EFSF, china and the greek solution, on review

markets – red in tooth and clawtwo moments in financial media

machine readable news, redux

chavs – the moral externalities to a meritocracythe perverse outcomes of a market-based meritocracy

obama, innovation, and the race against mistaken conclusionsthe unnerving tendency toward distortion in public debate

who is this so called former gerson lehrman group executive?

expert networks, cheekily supposedreviewing and revising the economist’s take on expert networks, their role and the discussion

another robert winthrop chanlerrefused an artistic reputation, he earned quite another reputation

consequences, outcomes, and expert networkswhere are all the expert networks going?

rethinking expert networkscompliance, systems and research

john james audubon – Birds of America and the American idea

decimalization, make-or-take, and the markets todaythe road toward high frequency trading

this time is differentthat old saw

expert networks, controls, and the SECare expert networks the adults in the room?

a spanner in the patent worksthe chilling effect of business method and information process patents

expert networks, not a condemnation – validationhow the abbreviations of the press led to an alarming mistake about expert networks

getting started with earned mediabloomberg, by example

bloomberg and the drive to commodify the newsit’s good for business, if you’re bloomberg

crossing trades and odd lotsBlackRock, odd lots, May Day, and the market’s shift to the edge

jump the shark – don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story

search markets – neither unique or efficient, messy – understanding the implications of Monday’s Nobel Prize award in economics

permissible wealth – bmi and market powerlarge acts, small acts and the redistribution of wealth

newspapers and paper news the legacy of the hot news doctrine and AP v INS

market failure in the marketplace for ideas – the economics of citizens united, political speech and the first amendment

a great and simple ideathe surprising lack of fact checking in political journalism and the corresponding potential value thereof

information wants to be free, expensivethe often forgotten second half of Stewart Brand’s dictum, the Statute of Anne, and the difference between the information age and the age of the author

Obtruded upon the Public – the Spectator, Speculations, and the Shift to Digitalthe strange pairing between new media and early 18th century newspapers

doubt is our product, truth is our message – the bewildering honesty of the tobacco industry’s communication strategy

The Demosthenes Strategy: Picking Eubulusthe technocrat and the blowhard, an ancient parallel to modern politics and the Obama administration

Pew, There’s Cable in My Internet – the role of market power and bundling in an ISP’s ability to set prices for internet access and for access to content

The Public, Publicizedcontrol and the gathering importance of publicity in social networks

Blame it on the Weather, or Not – a criticism of the National Association of Realtors discussion of the real estate market and market weakness

Hot News, Hot Analyst – a discussion of the Judge Cotes’ reliance on the “hot news doctrine” for her opinion on Barclays, et al v. Flyonthewall

The Eureka Defense – the case that Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures is in pursuit of a Intellectual Property Cartel

Privacy, Ambiguity & Zuckerberg – a hermeneutical analysis of a WSJ profile of Mark Zuckerberg

Copyright, Fair Use, and the Perils of Legislation

Net Neutrality: Risking it all with Hatch & Demint

The George Will Art Conspiracy – response to George Will’s dangerous ideas around art, government, and the world

Does Christie = Christine – a portfolio of quotes and observations that frame the genesis of NJ’s current fiscal situation

Going Retail – Banking, Glass Boxes, and our Changing Relationship to Money – a discussion of how changing regulation changed how we thought about banking and money

VRM & CRM – There’s No Argument There – a response on behalf of Doc Searls to criticisms of Vendor Relationship Management by a CRM consultant