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Winifred “Wini not Winnie” Jiau, alleged to have provided a diligent source of material nonpublic information through Primary Global Research since 2006 – That’s what my guy say.

Wini appears to be the latest addition to a ring of individuals

dealing in inside information anchored by Primary Global Research. These include Mark Anthony Longoria, who worked at chipmaker AMD, and Walter Shimoon, formerly of Flextronics, a Singapore-based maker of electronic components, both of whom consulted through PGR; James Fleishman, a sales manager at PGR; Don Chu, an Asia-Technology specialist at PGR. It goes to show that the FBI and SEC aren’t so much investigating an expert network as much as what appears to be a sophisticated criminal operation that has been mistaken for a necessary feature of an expert network.

via Bloomberg, Business Insider