the leaders of the NJEA had demeaned him and that it was utterly intolerable for him to be viewed as having given in to them; the money was not worth it

Brett Schundler, former NJ education commissioner, in written testimony regarding Governor Christie’s remarks. Christie’s refusal to cooperate with the teachers’ union impaired NJ’s application for the Race to the Top by fourteen points. The state lost by three: via Bloomberg

It’s unparalleled, and it is very troubling. It seems to me it is on the verge of recklessness.

Martin Robins, Head of the Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers University and original director of the Hudson River rail tunnel, remarking on Christie’s decision to withdraw state support from the tunnel on October 7. It was delayed until October 22nd, at the request of Ray LaHood, but Christie maintained his decision to eliminate support for the infrastructure project: via Bloomberg

I simply cannot put the taxpayers of the state of New Jersey on what would be a never-ending hook…

Governor Chris Christie, who went on to say that he doesn’t want a repeat of Boston’s Big Dig, without observing the many benefits associated with the project.