The Future of News, volume 139, number 2, Spring 2010: Daedalus

Introduction Loren Ghiglione

News & the news media in the digital age: implications for democracy Herbert J. Gans

Are there lessons for the future of news from the 2008 presidential campaign? Kathleen Hall Jamieson & Jeffrey A. Gottfried

New economic models for U.S. journalism Robert H. Giles

Sustaining quality journalism Jill Abramson

The future of investigative journalism Brant Houston

The future of science news Donald Kennedy

International reporting in the age of participatory media Ethan Zuckerman

The case for wisdom journalism–and for journalists surrendering the pursuit of news Mitchell Stephens

Journalism ethics amid structural change Jane B. Singer

Political observatories, databases & news in the emerging ecology of public information Michael Schudson

What is happening to news? Jack Fuller

The Internet & the future of news Paul Sagan & Tom Leighton

Improving how journalists are educated & how their audiences are informed Susan King

Does science fiction suggest futures for news? Loren Ghiglione

poetry: In a Diner Above the Lamoille River Greg Delanty