Language is the house of Being. In its home man dwells. Those who think and those who create with words are the guardians of this home.

Heidegger, from his Letter on Humanism. Richard Rorty would go on to say, “You cannot read most of the important philosophers of recent times without taking Heidegger’s thought into account,” but ”the smell of smoke from the crematories [will] linger on their pages.”

teaching Heidegger’s ideas without disclosing his deep Nazi sympathies is like showing a child a brilliant fireworks display without warning that an ignited rocket can also blow up in someone’s face.

Patricia Cohen, reviewing Emmanuel Faye’s recent book on Heidegger

The more you read the later Heidegger, the more you realize that the distinctions between language, human beings, and Being are being deliberately and systematically blurred.

Richard Rorty, who continued, “I read this blurring as a warning, analagous to Wittgenstein’s, against trying to get between language and its object, plus a further warning against trying to get between language and its user.”