Thanks, xxxx! Great seeing you on Sunday, too. I’ll count on being there at 4:30 for the rehearsal, and I’m thrilled to be reading. What time does the dinner start?

Weddings go haywire? C’mon. No way. It’s going to be perfect.

My one requirement is that I must be suspended from the rafters by durable elastic rope, so I can rise and fall with the tempo of my voice. It’s really the only way I can fulfill my duties as a reader. Don’t worry, though. This is fairly standard. Be assured that St. Jude and I have a long history in this capacity.

I have found a supplier in East Dundee, Illinois ( We will need two (2) fifty (50) foot lengths of “elastic shock cord” with torque balanced braids around respective galvanized steel thimble end-points for termination at the rafters. These will couple with the existing anchor-points at St. Jude. ECW can handle the customization, but be sure about the braids. Those are important. I will bring my own harness.

Expect ECW to drop-ship these items at St. Jude on Thursday. Joseph will store them in the nave-locker for Friday’s rehearsal and will have everything in place for the 4:30 start-time.

I’m really looking forward to this. See you soon!