I hope Geithner’s visit can soothe our nerves. The Chinese public is worried about the safety of its foreign- exchange reserves.
Yu Yongding

Treasuries are still a buy and you can’t explain that from the macro economic perspective alone.
Mickael Benhaim, head of global bonds at Pictet & Cie Banquiers in Geneva, $32b AUM

The Chinese public is worried about the safety of its foreign-exchange reserves. If America fails to adjust its economy by increasing its saving rate and reducing its current account deficit another financial crisis triggered by a dollar crisis could be inevitable…Geithner can show us some arithmetic. We need to know how the U.S. government can achieve this objective…The balance sheet of the Federal Reserve not only has expanded like mad but is also ridden with ‘rubbish’ assets.
Yu Yongding

I do not know whether there will be enough demand for new issuances and hence I am worried about the direction of the prices of US government securities.
Yu Yongding

Prospects for the US dollar and US Treasuries do not look good at the moment, and even worse in the long run.
Wang Jian, Secretary General of the China Society of Macroeconomics