We have a hiring freeze on, but even when there’s a hiring freeze, we need to maintain our head count. We have 40,000 people, and you’re going to have some openings.

A challenge we have now is people from other areas are having problems selling their homes. People aren’t quite as mobile nowadays.

Joe Patrnchak, Cleveland Clinic’s chief human resources officer

You’re facing more competition for every job you apply for, but the reality is there is a lot of hiring going on. You’re never going to find anything unless you apply.

Andrew M. Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University

At the moment, those forecasting nearer-term recovery have the recent data on their side. […but…] Wage and salary growth has evaporated, credit is very tight, home prices continue to decline, financial asset values have been decimated and household balance sheets are extremely stressed.
Joshua Shapiro, chief United States economist with MFR

We’re in the worst recession since World War II. However, the days of this recession are limited.
Lakshman Achuthan, managing director of the Economic Cycle Research Institute