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Nice Title

More Matt Helm Movies!

Poor Rem and his big shorts – da kucha

Is this China-stimulus? Burn it down and build it up again?

Yves Klein Blue and the new realists

Pierre Restany and Yves Klein coined the term “Nouveau Réalisme” in 1960 during a collective exposition in the Apollinaire gallery in Milan. The original group included Martial Raysse [work above] and was later joined by Mimmo Rotella and Christo. Nouveau Realisme shared similar features to the American movements of Fluxus and Pop Art.

The Speculations of Mr. Spectator

  • the Folly of him who lets his Fancy place him in distance Scenes untroubled and uninterrupted, is preferable to that of him forcing a Belief... 12 years ago
  • Books...are the Presents to Posterity of those who are yet unborn.... 12 years ago
  • the World is a Copy or a Transcript of those Ideas which are in the Mind of the first Being...those Ideas...are a Transcript of the World... 12 years ago
  • 'The Time was when all the honest Whore-masters in the Neighborhood would have rose against the Cuckolds to my Rescue' -letter... 12 years ago
  • a father, who having arrived at great Riches by his own Industry, took delight in nothing but his Money... 12 years ago
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