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He had a dream, to build the MAES into a fine magical organization, and it went on for years, gathering strength; perhaps it wasn’t as big a dream as some dreams go, but without some sort of dream any life is meaningless, and this was his.

And so he would proceed, like so many others

Poor NYC Prep

Parents have really put a lot of pressure on the kids — everything has been organized, they’re all taking A.P. courses, then summer hits and they’re going to learning camps
Peter A. Spevak, a psychologist in Rockville, Md


It didn’t take much for Hoovers to shift direction, arm the robots, and organize themselves to take over the world. Who knew it would happen at SLA 2009? They didn’t even change their name to Skynet yet.

Painting of a Michelangelo drawing, NYT

Coming down Hoosac mountain and rounding the hairpin turn into the Hoosac Valley. The elevation drops from over 2000 ft to almost 1200 ft over the course of the entire 800 ft switchback.

Same subject, different outcome

The Speculations of Mr. Spectator

  • the Folly of him who lets his Fancy place him in distance Scenes untroubled and uninterrupted, is preferable to that of him forcing a Belief... 12 years ago
  • Books...are the Presents to Posterity of those who are yet unborn.... 12 years ago
  • the World is a Copy or a Transcript of those Ideas which are in the Mind of the first Being...those Ideas...are a Transcript of the World... 12 years ago
  • 'The Time was when all the honest Whore-masters in the Neighborhood would have rose against the Cuckolds to my Rescue' -letter... 12 years ago
  • a father, who having arrived at great Riches by his own Industry, took delight in nothing but his Money... 12 years ago
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