Machine Readable News round-up in Traders Magazine: part one, part two.

The players

  • Recorded Future – RF launched in late 2008. Rather than a tape-approach, RF has taken it upon themselves to create a highly interrelated archive of event data that is accessible on a point in time basis and capable of being sliced and diced on a variety of levels, down to the underlying text fragments themselves.
  • Thomson Reuters – NewsScope Direct, launched in January of 2010 as an extension of the US-only operation. Rich Brown, global business manager. NewsScope focuses on two elements. First, low-latency access to economic data. As Reuters, they have access to the lock-up, so they get Department of Labor data first, for example. Second, sentiment and coverage counts on companies from the Reuters news feed.
  • Bloomberg – BN Direct organizes the Bloomberg feed and public filings. They initially intended to categorize stories by buy or sell signals for particular companies but have since backed away from this effort. Instead, it shows what articles are about what companies, readership-volumes across the Bloomberg user-base, and story-flow, which tracks the most written about companies and news topics using the news sources. For an additional fee, subscribers can incorporate the New York Times and Financial Times feeds. Bloomberg News, where the enemy is the human. Stefan Whitney, product manager, BN Direct, Bloomberg.
  • Dow Jones – Rob Passarella, VP & Managing Director, Dow Jones, former Bear Stearns and Monitor110
  • Ravenpack –
  • Deutsche Bourse – Alphaflash, a combination of Need to Know News and Market News International, which were acquired in 2009
  • Selerity