The bears continue to preach. We lean to the bull case….We’ll have a good 2010.  Caution, given where we’ve come from, makes some sense, but there’s an awful lot of stimulus in the system.

Bob Doll, vice chairman and CIO for global equities at BlackRock, at a Jan. 6 presentation.

The market is taking a break from the huge run it has had. I don’t know if we have seen the end of this pull-back and I wouldn’t put all my dry powder in.

Bob Doll,  more recently, though misidentified by Bloomberg as overseeing $3.2 trillion dollars in equities

People at Davos and elsewhere want to believe things are good. They will be more optimistic than me.

Joseph Stiglitz

There’s a famous saying at Davos that whoever are the heroes one year, you can guarantee something happens in between. Last year I would say the extreme pessimists were celebrated and we didn’t get the extreme outcomes.

Kenneth Rogoff