“Everyone’s property taxes are too damn high…Until we reform our state’s antiquated structure for providing local government services [leaders are] never going to get the job done”

Jon Corzine, on his departure from the governor’s office

I think this state suffered obviously because he wasn’t proactive. He was a man who tried to get things done but because of issues within his own party, as well as with the people, he just didn’t connect.

Alex DeCroce, Republican Assembly Minority Leader from Parsippany, making an observation that, for all of its certainty, may only be founded in opinion

Both Christies need to step very carefully. With the political climate, the public concerns about the financial services industry, and Chris’s reputation as someone who fights corruption, if there’s even the insinuation that Todd was receiving information from inside government that benefited his business, it would be very damaging to the new governor.

Brigid C. Harrison, a political science professor at Montclair State University