Bloggers, after all, have always been a part of history – read Daniel Defoe, Samuel Pepys or James Boswell. The same is true for citizen journalists: just check out first-hand accounts of any big historical event. The difference now is the scale of distribution and the ability to search. Because of this, we in the media industry face a profound challenge, as significant and transformational as Internet 1.0.

First, we need to be “seeders of clouds.”…

Second, we need to be ‘the provider of tools.’ This means promoting open standards and interoperability, which will allow a diverse set of customer-creators to combine disparate types of content….

Third, we must improve our skills as the “filter and editor.” Media have always had these functions. The world will always need editing: consumers place value in others making decisions about what is good and what is not.

The internet was not invented just to show a replica of yesterday’s newspaper with a few banner advertisements. We cannot be the choke-hold, blocking the new creators in a bid to protect our legacy businesses.
Tom Glocer on News Tools vs News