There’s no reason he shouldn’t feel he’s going to make this thing make money. Maybe he will and maybe he won’t. But that that’s what 26-year-olds are supposed to think. Wisdom is not Jared’s business right now. Energy and enthusiasm is, and that’s something we can use a lot of here.
—Peter Kaplan, now former editor of the NY Observer:

In a newspaper you can work 300 hours a week and it still won’t make a difference.
—Peter Kalikow, Chairman of the MTA

NYT, 3/11/2007: on the purchase of the NYO by Jared Kushner, scion of the disgraced Charles Kushner

Jared saved the paper. It would have gone bye-bye in 2006. He is fundamentally a capitalist in a business that needs capitalists, and he is 28 years old in a business that needs 28-year-olds.
—Peter Kaplan, parting words

I think it seems depressing that we are living at a time when someone like Peter Kaplan is not running a major publication in New York. That just seems weird to me.
—Jim Windolf, contributing editor of Vanity Fair