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The insider trading scandal began with shock and awe. Each week brought a raft of indictments. Well-stationed members of society were exposed as frauds and criminals. With insider trading its most visible focus, the legal violence against the finance industry continues. And like so many TV-addled teenagers, the public may now have lost the ability to respond.

An apathetic public, however, is no a reason to stop. Just because insider trading is no longer shocking doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prosecute it to the full extent of the law. But the failure to shock is also not a reason to search for a response by expanding the definition of insider trading. Read the rest of this entry »

in order for me to gain a competitive advantage, I try to slow it down. I simply stuff data into the market and because my machine originates this data, I simply ignore it and gain a computational advantage.

 —Yan Ohayon, speaking from the perspective of the high frequency trading (HFT) industry 

The SEC doesn’t give formal guidance as to what is insider trading and what isn’t, but the fact is they said expert networks are not inherently improper and OCIE director Carlo di Florio and others have given guidance on policies and procedure to use them properly. There’s no specific insider trading statute and there’s not likely to be any time soon, because they’re trying to get at a wide range of conduct.

Marc Elovitz, partner at Schulte Roth & Zabel: via Reuters

Bond and bill redemptions and interest payments in 2012 for the Group of Seven countries, Brazil, China, India and Russia, in dollars, using data calculated by Bloomberg as of Dec. 29:

Country    2012 Bond, Bill Redemptions ($)      Coupon Payments
Japan             3,000 billion                   117 billion
U.S.              2,783 billion                   212 billion
Italy               428 billion                    72 billion
France              367 billion                    54 billion
Germany             285 billion                    45 billion
Canada              221 billion                    14 billion
Brazil              169 billion                    31 billion
U.K.                165 billion                    67 billion
China               121 billion                    41 billion
India                57 billion                    39 billion
Russia               13 billion                     9 billion

while most state-funded schools and colleges are barely functional, private education in India is largely a money-making racket

Pankaj Mishra: via Bloomberg

the unit of intelligibility is the story

Stuart Brown, National Institute For Play: via TED

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