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I’m dead if this leads. I really am…I’ll be like Martha fucking Stewart.
CHIESI, “wherefore, deponent prays that arrest warrants be issued for the above-named defendants and that they be imprisoned or bailed as the case may be.”

The transaction costs of interpersonal communication have fallen below zero: It costs more to leave the stream than to stay in it.
Nick Carr

When it comes to digitization, access to our cultural heritage generally ends on January 1, 1923.
Robert Darnton, NYRB in the context of “the hurly-burly of corporate capitalism.”

We have not yet found the evil room on our campus
Eric Schmidt, via Nick Carr @NYT, during a presentation in Chelsea Market to journalists on Google Books, the business, and the agreement

the notion that the Depression turned Americans into tightwads is largely a myth…If the Depression didn’t make Americans wary of the pleasures of consumption, it’s unlikely that this downturn will.
James Surowiecki

There isn’t really good evidence, frankly, that companies focused purely on search, as Google has been, can support themselves with that model
Marc Krellenstein, CTO of Northern Light, quoted in BW, December 2000

Whatever “expert” opinion means in this context, it does not mean an accurate opinion.

Cass Sunstein, regarding a case-study on doctors’ opinions as a reflection of expert biases; Statistics, Not Experts, December 2000. He goes on to say:

What we are suggesting here is that because individual experts are distinctly prone to error, it would be far better to begin the process with reliable evidence rather than particular recollection.

New York has recovered, if not its stride, at least its balance.

I could be, uh, indicted, and I’m still going to win 85 to 95 percent of those populations…Nothing can change that now.
Peter Cammarano, “Mayor for a Month” in Hoboken

How’s the economy, you ask? I have the proverbial good news and bad news, but in this case, they’re exactly the same: The U.S. economy appears to be hitting bottom.
Alan Blinder, op-ed in WSJ

The Speculations of Mr. Spectator

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  • the World is a Copy or a Transcript of those Ideas which are in the Mind of the first Being...those Ideas...are a Transcript of the World... 12 years ago
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